Bruce Levenson Looks To Aid Philanthropists In The 21st Century

The “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland ( is developing a major reputation as the leading education resource for individual students looking to learn as much as possible about the not for profit sector and how to engage with the local community. The $75 million “Do Good Institute” was developed with the aid of Bruce Levenson, the co-founder of the United Communications Group and the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise who believes a major gap is often seen between the ideas of not for profit professionals and their business education to achieve their dreams.

The inclusion of all members of the University of Maryland community in the work of the “Do Good Institute” is already proving itself a success with the development of initiatives like the on campus Food Recovery Network. The FRN was co-founded by “Do Good Institute” graduate Ben Simon, who has now taken this model to his post college career as the founder of the Imperfect Produce not for profit that offers major discounts on fresh produce that would normally be wasted by the retail industry. Bruce Levenson believes the hands on experience offered by the “Do Good Institute” is the best possible way of developing philanthropists with the education needed to become among the most effective members of the not for profit industry.

Maintaining the base of the UCG business in Gaithersburg, Maryland shows just how important the area appears to be to the work of Bruce Levenson, who has also looked to develop his own not for profit links to the area. Among the aspects of philanthropy that have been based in and around the U.S. capital with the backing of the Levenson family is the U.S. Holocaust Museum; the Levenson family were among the major fundraisers for the U.S. Holocaust Museum that was created in part to honor the life of Bruce Levenson’s Holocaust survivor mother-in-law.

Educational Background and Early Career Moves by Sam Tabar COO of FullCycleFund

Sam Tabar is a living legend in the financial circles. Everywhere you ask, be it on Wall St. or on Main St. the sentiments remain the same; everyone agrees that Sam has gone above and beyond to become one of America’s most sought-out-after hedge fund manager. Tabar is an attorney first then a capitalist.

New York’s Finest Law Firms

Sam Tabar is a proud recipient of a Bachelor’s undergraduate degree in Jurisprudence. He graduated in 2000 and in the same year enrolled for his Master’s program at Columbia University.

As a student, he is said to have been actively involved in several extra-curricular activities like journalism, ballroom dancing, and even rowing.

Career Strides

The first law firm Tabar interned for was the Skadden, Arps, Slate, and Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates LLC in New York. For the next six years, Sam would serve as the legal counsel for the clients of the firm.

He oversaw many successful M&A’s and contract deals in his tenure there. Sam was later promoted to go head up the Asian division of the Sparkx Group / PMA. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Sam Tabar’s prime responsibilities included developing a global investment strategy plan. That job gifted Sam with the rare opportunity to learn about the intricacies and the fundamentals of the Asian markets. He stayed with the Sparx Group for four years.

On February 2011, Sam got called up to head the Strategy division of Merrill Lynch. His duties included arranging Capital Introductions and pitching to angel investors in a bid to raise capital, asides the day to day running of the firm.

FullCycleFund Is Born

In Dec 2014, Mr. Tabar founded his own personal financial consultancy firm called FullCycleFund. The company is situated in the Greater New York Area.

The company’s services are a rich combination of all the experience the legendary investor, Sam has amassed in his long, illustrious career. Services offered here include compliance, legal affairs, investment planning and capital raising endeavors.

Social Media Connect

Sam makes it his personal agenda to stay in touch with all his fans and followers online. He is not one of those hotshot millionaire CEO like Martin Shkreli, who are fond of using platforms like Twitter to show off their massive wealth.

Sam’s Instagram contains adorable pictures of him having great times with his family. Follow him on Twitter if you wish to receive updates about his business perspectives.

Samuel Strauch Investing and Living With Purpose

There are many people who want to learn how to take their lives to a new level. Financially many people today are struggling. Instead of building wealth, many people are struggling in debt. The good news is that there are things that you can do right now to make a difference in your financial life today. Samuel Strauch is a real estate investor from the Miami area.

However, he is also a lot more than this as well. He is working hard to add value to the lives of others in many areas. Not only that, but he is starting to plan out the future for his business. He wants to teach people how to make a difference in their financial life over the long term.

Samuel Strauch

From the time he was young, Samuel Strauch has always wanted to help others in any way that they needed it. Not only that, but he is excited about the future and what it holds as well. Over time, he has proven to truly care about things that he can help other people with in real estate. Real estate is a powerful industry that allows you to make money both now and in the future. Over time, he has proven to have the knowledge that you need in an investing professional. He likes to buy and hold for the future. This is a strategy that has worked well for him over the past couple of years.

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Future Plans

If you are ready to start investing for the future, you need a plan to make a difference in the lives of others. Financing is essential to real estate success, and getting help in this area could be the difference maker that you need in your life with Samuel Strauch helping out.

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“WEN” You Condition You Clean

Just What Makes WEN By Chaz Unique?
For those not in the know, WEN is a unique line of hair care products created by Chaz Dean. Dean is one of the country’s top hairstylists. His celebrity clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Alyssa Milano, and Juliana Margulies. His hair care products keep hair healthy and add style.

WEN cleansing conditioner is an all-in-one hair care solution. Thus, it replaces traditional shampoo and conditioner. One of Dean’s intentions with this product was to get rid of all lather-based hair cleansers.

His hair conditioner is based on a unique 5-in-1 formula. It allows those who use it to keep their hair clean and fresh without doing damage to their hair follicles. Additionally, the hair conditioner contains sweet almond which has been demonstrated to give hair an added shine.

WEN Rebuilds Hair
Due in part to his experience with celebrities, Chaz Dean specifically developed his hair-care line to restore and repair hair that has been damaged by the long-term and frequent usage of harsh hair products. He personally promotes his line of products as a way to heal whatever damage has been done to one’s hair through the frequent use of traditional hair-care products. His WEN Cleansing Conditioner essentially uses numerous natural ingredients in order to heal literally years of damage and allow it to once more thrive.

WEN is “Stylish”
If you have trouble controlling your hair, Dean has you covered there too. Indeed, the WEN anti-frizz styling cream is reported to be one of the company’s most popular products. Dean created this styling cream to give users a full eight hours of protection from frizzing and to also withstand heat. In fact, this product even gets stronger when it is exposed to sunlight. Specifically, the styling cream gets 80 percent stronger under the sun and gives you hair a consistent hold.


Women are nurturers by nature. They are born and raised to take care of others in the community around them. Lori Senecal has taken her nurturing nature into business and used it to become one of the internationally recognized businesswomen in the world. She had a chance to serve as the CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs+); an international advertising agency based in New York. Under her leadership, Senecal has enabled kbs+ to grow from a middle size agency to an international one expanding its employee base from 250 domestic ones to hiring over 900 people. The company also developed innovative business strategies centered on technology and extensive creativity.

According to, while working at kbs+, she was named the president and CEO of MDC Partner Network in 2014. Under this new position she was to work under MDC CEO Miles Nadal. On moving on to MDC, Senecal’s position at the kbs+ was to be taken over by chief creative officer Ed Brojerdi. On announcement of Senecal’s new position, Nadal praised her for her good work at kbs+ and looked forward to seeing her great work at MDC. MDC hired her so that she could bring her extraordinary trail of success to their company. Senecal was also admitted to the Board of directors of MDC on joining the company.

Senecal’s career has been rising from CEO of one company to the CEO of another. In 2015, Senecal was named the Global CEO of CP+B while still the CEO of MDC Partners. In response to the announcement Senecal said that she was honoured and was looking forward to work with Chuck Porter and the rest of the team at CP+B. Her roles under this position entailed fostering global growth and development of the company and managing the eight international offices of CP+B which are based in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Stockholm and Boulder among others.

Over the course of her career, Senecal has developed extensive skills in advertisement and management which have seen her work with great brands. In her campaignlive profile, some of the companies she has worked with include Nestle, Coca-Cola and BMW. Her great efforts have been rewarded such as with the Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation. Advertising Age also named her a Woman to Watch in 2014. Her companies also compensate her adequately for her great contributions. For example in 2015, she received $1, 883,628 as total compensation from MDC Partners. Senecal is an ideal example that women can lead and be extraordinarily great at it.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Growth Rate Commands the Attention of Top E-Commerce Fashion Firms

We are again witnessing another case of the adage that says surprises never end. This time around, it is happening in the fashion industry, and the company in question is Fabletics. In just 3 years this firm grew into $250 million estimated value. This is unprecedented. To have achieved such feat despite the presence of an industrial giant like Amazon makes the whole story catchy. Amazon is known to control 20% of fashion e-commerce market, but that could not deter Fabletics from making head-ways. We need to know some of the strategies Fabletics employed even as it continues on this positive direction.

Fabletics were quick to discover that many firms are going down the drain by encouraging show-rooming in their businesses. It decided to do the opposite, put in place strategies that support reverse show-rooming. You may need to know the meaning of these terms.

Show-rooming simply means encouraging people to visit your offline stores to look at items on display while they make their preference but refuse to do the purchasing there. Instead, these people go online, search for competitors with lower prices for same items and put in their orders. Obviously, owners of these physical stores lose both in the short and long run. If the situation persists, they may have to call it quit with business. The cure for this is to reverse the process (reverse show-rooming) by getting people to do their search for items online and later come to your offline stores to do the buying. Unless the right strategies are employed, achieving this goal may just be a mirage.

Fabletics is one of the few firms that are enjoying the benefits of reverse show-rooming. They had to set up a membership model that includes on-trend fashion at half market price and personalized service to customers in order to defeat the ugly trend called show-rooming.

Nobody can deny the fact that Fabletics is doing fantastically well today. They keep increasing the number of their offline stores. News has it that they are about opening another set of offline stores just after doing same recently.


Fabletics is one of the highly innovative apparel companies around today. The owner Kate Hudson and the managerial team set up a monthly membership structure, which every customer belongs to. The company has been on an upward trend since this strategy was brought on board. As a member, myself, I opted for a VIP member status, which I think is the most appropriate thing to do as I only had to pay $25 for my first outfit apparel. Even when I could not place an order all through a month, I still continue without being asked to pay any fee as penalty. What I love most about this VIP stuff is that I get great outfits curated for me monthly and they do not cost much, 2-3 pieces of outfits go for *$50+.*

The company will also need to know some few facts about you. Information like the types of workouts you do often and your preferred choice of outfits. They need this since they do monthly picks of new outfits for your consideration. The survey you take at the point of membership helps them know your taste and preferences.

USHEALTH Group – America’s Trusted Choice

Insurance is not needed all the time, but no one knows when disaster strikes. Having it on hand whether for everyday medical expenses or emergencies, always be sure you have the right coverage. Enter USHEALTH Group, your trusted choice for affordable, innovative health coverage that will keep you ready for anything. USHEALTH Group offer solutions through our insurance companies that can’t be found anywhere else. There are 2000+ agents that will help you to pick the best plan that best meets your needs including medical, dental, vision, accident and life insurance.

USHEALTH Group agents can help you over the internet, phone or in person to make selecting coverage as easy as possible. Looking for a health coverage and struggling for a plan that suits you? USHEALTH Group is here for you. USHEALTH Group advisors is dedicated to serving American self-employed individuals and small business owners with access to innovative and affordable health coverage solutions.

Health advisors help people just like anyone with health, life, accident and dental coverage solutions. Our innovative approach to health coverage allows you to tailor your coverage to fit your specific needs and budget. You can also lock in your low rates up to 15 months with the premier choice product line. Our innovative portfolio of products includes health coverage solutions that can’t be found anywhere else.

A health coverage that is affordable and flexible to meet people’s specific needs, specified disease, sickness, and accident plans with no deductible. Customers can also upgrade their coverage at any time to the premier med short term medical, surgical expense plan without additional underwriting even in the middle of claim.

USHEALTH Group provides their clients with reliable, straight forward health coverage solutions with no surprises. USHEALTH advisors create affordable health coverage solutions for small business owners, individuals, and families all across America.


Looking to buy a BMW? Well, there are a lot of decisions you should make apart from choosing the BMW model that you want, your budget for the car should be either for a new or a used car. The used car market is further into two main parts; certified pre-owned BMWs and just used BMWs .I’ll focus on the later and its advantages

A used BMW

This type of car is not new it has been used by one or even more people. They are either sold by individuals who previously owned them or used car dealers.

Advantages of used BMWs

The cars are not as expensive as when one is buying a new one. Their prices are negotiable with the previous owner or even at the used car dealers. The cars are easy to find, just visit your local car dealer,, and you’ll surely get a BMW there.

In most cases the certification and insurance are always already done if you are buying from an individual hence you’ll have some time of driving around before you think of insuring the car again.

It’s easy to find the spare parts in case the car needs one. Just go to the car dealer you bought your BMW and ask, and they’ll tell you where to buy the spares.