DeNova Homes Provids Education And Inspiration To Orange Coast College Architecture Students

DeNova homes have often demonstrated publicly their commitment to community outreach. In continuing these efforts, DeNova homes proudly pledged their support to architecture students attending Orange Coast College.


Alan Toffoli, Division President at DeNova recently spoke with a class of architecture students on OCC campus. Next, the students were taken on a tour of two model homes before finally being given a tour of an active construction site in Costa Mesa that the company has named Aura.


The Aura location will include 33 single family dwellings with three-floor plans to choose from. All plans are 3-4 bedrooms and come with a study or loft. Aura homes are two-story, have a private yard, and are outfitted with two-car detached garages. The pricing for homes at the Aura location will start in the $800,000.


Aura is located just one mile from the Pacific Ocean and is a prime location for beach lovers. Costa Mesa provides many entertainment and shopping opportunities and has also earned acclaim for being the headquarters for the action sports industry. Learn more:


About DeNova Homes



DeNova Homes worked to earn its reputation as one of California’s most respected home builders for over 25 years. DeNova approaches building in each community differently and look to include each area’s unique characteristics into their plans. Denova Homes is extremely passionate about the people that purchase their homes and are committed as a company to the betterment of the communities they serve.


About Orange Coast Community College



Orange Coast College is a 164-acre campus in Costa Mesa, California. The college is located just a few miles from the beautiful beaches that cause many to flock to Southern California. The college began operations in 1948 and is now one of the largest community colleges in the United States of America with enrollment topping 25,000 students per semester.


OCC provides students with a state of the art learning experience and offers over 135 certificates and degree program. The school can also boast of being home to one of the country’s largest and most respected nautical programs. Close to 50% of OCC students are enrolled in the school’s Career And Technical Education Programs.


Securus Technologies Has Big Plans For The Future

Leading provider of inmate communications and investigative technology, Securus Technologies recently made major changes to a few of their platforms. In efforts to make communication more accessible for inmates and their families, Securus has begun moving toward reduced pricing for inmates, and an increase in product offerings. As communication and technology continue to move forward for the general public, it is important for correctional institutions to make every attempt to remain current.

By reducing rates and introducing more products to inmates, Securus Technologies hopes to significantly improve the rate of inmate and family communication. Aside from offering more options to inmates, Securus Technologies recently introduces their Wireless Containment Solutions software. The new tool will allow inmates to use their personal devices to communicate with approved parties in a safe and controlled environment.


More than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement, and collections agencies trust Securus Technologies for investigative and communications tools and management. From traditional phone calls to video chat and email messaging, Securus has options for every inmate and every family. Law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities have boasted about their success in solving crimes with the help of Securus Technologies innovative monitoring tools. Trough their dedication to public safety and inmate communications, Securus is helping them provide a safer environment for inmates and staff.

Securus Technologies: The Leader of Innovation in Prison Technology and Communication Industry

Securus Technologies, a leading prison technology firm based in Dallas, is known as the leader in prison technology innovations and high-value product solutions. I can see that the firm offers detainee communications, information and management solutions to governmental agencies, and parolee tracking. The company has a significant presence in the country and serves in all important correctional facilities. The communication services provided by the firm include phone services, email services, video options, voicemail services, money transfer, and more. Interestingly, the company’s platform is one of the most demanding and the leading network connecting inmates with their family and friends.


It should be noted that the prison technology provider has services in more than 2,600 correctional facilities spread across 45 states. It also serves in Mexico, Canada, and District of Columbia and currently covers at least 1,000,000 inmates. As per my opinion, the company is regarded as an innovator in providing comprehensive technical solutions along with responsive customer service. The commitment of the technology service provider for inmates helped it to win six Customer Service and Sales World Awards® in the year 2017. The awards included for best customer service training team, contact center training practice, front-line customer service department, and more. I have noticed that the company also holds a number of patents in the communication and prison technology.


I remember that last year, the firm made news by offering its facility customers to comment using the technology platform to prevent and solve crimes. Interestingly, the option even gave solutions to inmate-on-inmate crimes. Securus came out with a statement and issued sample comments from some formal letters to show how those helped the effectiveness of incarceration services being safer and better. While giving the statement, Rick Smith, the CEO and the Chairman of the firm, confirmed that the company is committed to developing new products and solutions that can help both law enforcement agencies and correction departments to prevent and solve various crimes.



Whitney Wolfe: The Fearless Young CEO And Anti-Bullying Activist

For some people, being a CEO below the age of 30 and a millionaire is such a big dream. Some people do not even believe they can achieve it. Whitney Wolfe is an exception; she is a brilliant young woman who has not only achieved tremendous success in business, but she is also an inductee to the Forbes magazine as one of the 30 under 30 women. She is also a great champion for women, as she fights against bullying that has been ongoing in the dating sites.

Whitney is a talented lady who is not brought down by any setbacks. She was one of the co-founders of Tinder, which is one of the most successful dating websites in regards to the number of matches made per day. Even after the legal battles with the other co-founders of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe did not give up being in Tech business. She instead identified the problems in the area and set out together with other ladies to start a dating app that is fully managed by ladies.

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and the founder of Bumble BFF dating app, which aims at providing a safe environment for women. It also encourages a lady to make the first move when dating and initiate a conversation. In Bumble BFF, a lady is not tied to the traditional dating rules where a man has to initiate the conversation. Whitney’s app protects women from men who send some nude, inappropriate pictures or even sending insults to women on dating sites for no reasons. The messages and pictures are screened for any inappropriate content before they can be sent.

Through her efforts, Bumble is one of the dating sites that have conversations that are more respectful and less aggressive. The site is a good platform to be on when in need of a relationship that can be meaningful. The app has over 11 million users over a very short period and is also expanding to other non-dating services. This move aims to create more business connections.

Whitney Wolfe’s advice to young entrepreneurs is simple but powerful. According to her, one must overcome self-doubt at all times because the only person who can intimidate you is your own self.

Find more about Whitney Wofle:

I Was Hacked – The Cybersecurity Experts At Rubica Saved Me

Cybersecurity was never something that I took seriously, hacking was something that happened to other people – and then I was hacked. The worst part was that it wasn’t just my information that was stolen, they had hacked into my small business information as well. I was shocked to find out that cyber attacks are on the rise, and are affecting not just government agencies and corporations, but individuals just like me. Information such as personal data, financial information and medical information is being taken and used for fraudulent and criminal purposes. When I was hacked, it was my personal and business banking information that they were after, now putting my clients’ information at risk as well.


The problem of cyber attacks has gotten so prolific that the government has stepped in, with President Trump signing an executive order for infrastructure upgrades relating to government networks. After experiencing firsthand how damaging getting hacked is, I knew I needed to find help. I needed a company who I could trust to protect my personal information so that I could sleep well at night knowing that it was safe. After researching many cyber security companies, I found Rubica.


Rubica is a world class cyber security company who protects data for corporations and individuals with an equal amount of care. When I contacted the company and explained that I was hacked, the representative immediately understood my anxiety and got me started on the enrollment process. I was pleased to find out that the professional staff at Rubica are specialists who have worked with the NSA and the U.S. Navy. The cyber security team monitors account for unusual activity and use exclusive technology and secure networks to lock down your information.


The best thing about Rubica is how easy it was to sign up and download their services. The company has cyber experts available to assist you with any issues. You can protect your devices through Rubica, whether it’s your phone, tablet or laptop. Personalized reports show attacks on your network and Rubica’s response to secure your information – you can rest easy with Rubica on the job.

Hussain Sajwani’s Career in the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is a 64-year-old Dubai based billionaire. He is a self-made tycoon with a lot of investments in Dubai’s real estate. He is happily married and has 4 children. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and owner of Damac Properties that he established in 2002.


However, he started out in the food industry before joining real estate. He started out supplying food products to the American army in the 1991 Iraqi crisis. He has worked with the Americans in other places including Somalia, Bosnia, and the Gulf. He has also worked with huge American companies like Bechtel. Hussain Sajwani says the relationships that he cultivated during his stint in the food industry are what have come to be of help in the real estate industry.


In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded Damac properties. This move was inspired by the implementation of a law that saw foreigners granted the ability to own land in the emirate. He projected that apartments would be in demand by non-emirates. As such, he bought land and built a 38-storey building. What is surprising is the fact that he was able to sell units in the building 6 months before he even began construction.


In 2013, long before Donald Trump was sworn in as president, Damac entered into an agreement with him to develop Trump-branded golf courses. One of the golf courses is already complete and in use; The Trump International Golf Course Dubai. The other, the Trump World Golf Course, is slated to be opened at the end of 2018. Both of these golf courses are located in Dubai. The Hussain Sajwani family have been close allies with Trump on both social and economic grounds.


In 2013, the Damac owner, Sajwani, donated AED 2 million to charity. The campaign was aimed at clothing over one million needy children around the world. This campaign was started by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The donation was done in support of the unrelenting efforts the Dubai government has to help needy children across the world. Hussain Sajwani said that children are the future of the world and no effort should be spared to provide them with the best start in life.

Aloha Construction Announces The Beginning Of A New Wave For New Roofing And Siding Installation

In early 2017, Aloha Construction announced their intent to start a new roofing and siding period in Illinois that would address the extreme weather conditions in the area. The corporation is fully aware that high winds, hail, and storms are troublesome to homeowners. Since the inception of the products in the area, the firm has received hundreds of positive remarks from roofers and homeowners who have noted the rapid positive interaction with the weather. Aloha Construction extended their services to South Illinois and is set to start an online sales system that will ease the purchase of materials.


The executive officer and president of Aloha stated that their initial project count has increased dramatically from 7000 in a count in 2013 to 20,000 in 2017. He explained that the firm’s primary motivation is to enhance every home’s security. David A. Farbaky added that Aloha will open a new branch to deal with the refurbishing of bathrooms, kitchens, basements, water extraction, and resolution of natural disasters. Aloha has offered bathroom and kitchen renovation services since 2008 and now realizes that the branch will serve people better if it’s a standalone package operating from the Lake Zurich headquarters.


Aloha Construction is a private company under the management of a family in Southern Illinois. They have expert contractors who serve clients in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. Customers from Lake McHenry, DuPage, and Cook receive services from the Lake Zurich office. The Bloomington office serves clients from McClean, Peoria, Tazewell, Washington and Champaign counties. Since the firm’s inception, 18,000 projects have been completed such as ones in Round Lake, Vernin Hills, LindenHurst, Palatine, Wauconda, and Morton. Aloha Construction’s official services include installation of cedar siding, door installations, gutter installations, insulation, roof cleaning and maintenance, and roof waterproofing. Others include the repair of siding, installation of soffit, soffit repair, window installation and Stucco installation.

Top Highlights on Talk Fusion and Top Premiers

Talk Fusion and CEO Bob Reina carries with him a 25 years’ experience in the field of direct sales and video marketing industries. For that matter, he is a unique figure since he brings his technological expertise to the rebranded huff post.


HuffPost recently changed its name towards the push on a new mission. It aims to tell the stories of persons who been left to in the conversation. Thus, it resonates with Bob Reina’s mission to be both a contributor and at the same time as the talk fusions company figurehead. Learn more:


Bob affirms that he is a strong believer in the art of innovation, where he says that a brand growth is never complete. This is in line with the recent articles that Reina has featured on. Learn more:


Bob has from August 2016 been a HuffPost contributor where some of his master skills take center stage. For instance, his diverse contributor platform featuring marketing, video technology trends and also the entrepreneurship spirit.


Some of the Bobs work include the first article of the week that featured promoting with purpose and also on how to understand your audience. The article went live on April 24th, 2017. This happened a day before the Huffington post was rebranded HuffPost.


Bob praises the trending platform for having taken a step into the right direction to work on things that matter. They include culture and fulfillment. He further went on to say that he looks forward to sharing more of the insightful articles not only with their customers but also with the huff posts nearly 200 million readers.


Talk Fusion Bio


Talk Fusion offers video marketing solutions. It was established in the year 2007 by the founder and also the CEO Bob Reina. It aims to give back to the society in general with community and animal charities.


It is home to the global’s initial all comprising video promotion solution. The company is devoted to assisting businesses stand out. This will help them deal with the competition presented increasing the sales and the profits and at the same time maintaining their customer base.


Talk Fusion offers a dynamic way of marketing. Its products are marketed person to person by their independent associates in over 140 countries.

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Jason Hope Still Believes the Internet of Things is Coming Soon

If you are interested in the Internet of Things, you have probably heard about Jason Hope. An entrepreneur, writer and futurist who has been commenting in the media on the Internet of Things, and how it is going to change our lives.

Jason Hope believes in the next few years every device that is manufactured will be able to sync up with every other device, allowing us to control every device we own from anywhere we are.

That means we will be able to leave home and then turn lights off in our house once we get to work, turn on the washing machine, the air conditioning or the security system. We will even be able to start the car while we are still inside the house as cars, household appliances and mobile gadgets will all be synced to each other and learn more about Jason.

Along with this, Jason Hope sees big business investing tens of billions of dollars into the Internet of Things in the next few years, as they realize the utility consumers want is also going to make them money and his Twitter.

As other companies also begin to realize how important this is going to be, we will see more and more developing apps or devices that will compete with each other for the attention of the average consumer and more information click here.

Jason Hope also believes this type of interconnectedness will benefit humanity as a whole, as apps and devices are used to make public transportation safer, improve traffic conditions and, thus, even lessen pollution.

Hope has been interested in the Internet of Things and future trends since he founded his own tech company a few years ago. He has since used his experience and knowledge to predict global trends, and to advise businesses on where they should be directing their energies and finances.

Hope has also joined people like Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in donating large amounts of money to the SENS Research Foundation, an organization currently doing research on anti-aging.

That is because he believes the future is going to be a positive place, and wants as many people as possible to be able to see it.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Caught Amazon in a Competitive Market

Amazon has been the leader when it comes to sales of online apparel. Over the years Amazon has distanced themselves from the other thousand retailers fighting for the same customers, and today they comfortably rake in 20 percent of the sales that occur in this space. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is breaking records of their own, scoring well over $250 million in sales of active-wear and workout apparel for women. Those numbers are especially impressive considering who the giant retailer is in this apace.


When Hudson is asked to explain how her athleisure brand has been so successful in such a very short amount of time, the credit she says goes to reverse showrooming and a membership package that really does reward members. In order to get a better understanding of how these numbers came to be, the first order of business is looking at the Fablectics stores in the mall. This is the place where women are showing up to take the lifestyle quiz, try on all the latest in workout apparel, and window-shop during their busy days. One thing you will notice at the retail store is that the sales associates are not pressuring these customers to make purchases, and for good reason.


Next we go to the Fabletics e-commerce store, and what is happening here is all part of the reverse showrooming process. Since the yoga pants, tank tops, or leggings were tried on while at the mall, they are moved to the members online profile for future consideration. Knowing the clothing fit while at the store, buying online is no longer about hoping and wishing the right size apparel arrives at the door. Now these women can simply search for the latest styles, the brightest colors, and all the new releases in this incredible clothing line.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics knows that the way to get these shoppers to become loyal customers is by pampering them. Included with your membership is discounts on the entire inventory, free shipping for online orders, even a shopping assistant. Your personal shopper looks over you quiz answers and buying patterns and will choose a new release each month they would like you to consider. Amazon does not offer these types of perks to their members in fact, with an Amazon Prime membership you have to pay $79 each year just to get two-day shipping. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found the right balance of quality merchandise and exceptional customer service her customers really enjoy.