Using Securus Technologies for Keeping Jails Safer

Video Visitation / Monday, May 8th, 2017

One of the jobs as a corrections officer in jail is to make sure the facility is safe for me and my fellow guards as well as the inmates. One of the biggest threats these inmates face is being assaulted by other inmates who are in possession of weapons. Inmates have developed some unique ways of getting the weapons in the jail and then stashing them out of sight to use at designated times on attacks of other inmates or me and my fellow officers.


I was assigned to checking the visitors who came to see these inmates, and discovered very quickly that it was impossible to catch the major players because they would constantly be distracting us and changing up their actions. While they would set it up so we found trace amounts of contraband on one visitor, the real mule would slip by and transfer the items to the inmate.


We were notified by our superiors that Securus Technologies was going to be installing and training my team on the latest in inmate communications this week. The communications system would allow us closely monitor calls between the inmates and their families, and pick up on conversations that we may have missed in the past. With the inmates using unique codes to talk, by the time we caught wind something was going to occur, they had already changed up the terminology.


My training on the LBS software was invaluable. It was the piece of the puzzle our team was missing and helped us to not only discover a huge cache of weapons that were already in the jail, we discovered mules that were coming in from the streets and providing the inmates an endless supply. Thanks to my training on the software, we took several hundred weapons out of the prison that could have been used to hurt others.