Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Growth Rate Commands the Attention of Top E-Commerce Fashion Firms

We are again witnessing another case of the adage that says surprises never end. This time around, it is happening in the fashion industry, and the company in question is Fabletics. In just 3 years this firm grew into $250 million estimated value. This is unprecedented. To have achieved such feat despite the presence of an industrial giant like Amazon makes the whole story catchy. Amazon is known to control 20% of fashion e-commerce market, but that could not deter Fabletics from making head-ways. We need to know some of the strategies Fabletics employed even as it continues on this positive direction.

Fabletics were quick to discover that many firms are going down the drain by encouraging show-rooming in their businesses. It decided to do the opposite, put in place strategies that support reverse show-rooming. You may need to know the meaning of these terms.

Show-rooming simply means encouraging people to visit your offline stores to look at items on display while they make their preference but refuse to do the purchasing there. Instead, these people go online, search for competitors with lower prices for same items and put in their orders. Obviously, owners of these physical stores lose both in the short and long run. If the situation persists, they may have to call it quit with business. The cure for this is to reverse the process (reverse show-rooming) by getting people to do their search for items online and later come to your offline stores to do the buying. Unless the right strategies are employed, achieving this goal may just be a mirage.

Fabletics is one of the few firms that are enjoying the benefits of reverse show-rooming. They had to set up a membership model that includes on-trend fashion at half market price and personalized service to customers in order to defeat the ugly trend called show-rooming.

Nobody can deny the fact that Fabletics is doing fantastically well today. They keep increasing the number of their offline stores. News has it that they are about opening another set of offline stores just after doing same recently.


Fabletics is one of the highly innovative apparel companies around today. The owner Kate Hudson and the managerial team set up a monthly membership structure, which every customer belongs to. The company has been on an upward trend since this strategy was brought on board. As a member, myself, I opted for a VIP member status, which I think is the most appropriate thing to do as I only had to pay $25 for my first outfit apparel. Even when I could not place an order all through a month, I still continue without being asked to pay any fee as penalty. What I love most about this VIP stuff is that I get great outfits curated for me monthly and they do not cost much, 2-3 pieces of outfits go for *$50+.*

The company will also need to know some few facts about you. Information like the types of workouts you do often and your preferred choice of outfits. They need this since they do monthly picks of new outfits for your consideration. The survey you take at the point of membership helps them know your taste and preferences.

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